How to Find and Download LitCharts Teacher Editions

You can find the download link to our Teacher Editions on the right-hand sidebar of any LitCharts literature guide page. The sidebar only appears on desktop and laptop computers. If you are on a laptop or desktop and don’t see our sidebar, try expanding the browser window to a larger size until the sidebar appears.

One thing to note is that Teacher Editions are best accessed on a desktop or laptop computer—they are large zip files that can be difficult to open on mobile devices. 

Here are some steps to help you download:

1. Sign in to your LitCharts account.

2. Navigate to whichever LitChart you're interested in downloading. You can find a list of all available LitCharts at our homepage.

3. Look for the "Download!" button in the right-hand sidebar of the LitCharts guide page. PIf you’re on a laptop or desktop and don’t see our sidebar, try expanding the browser window to a larger size until the sidebar appears.

The download buttons look like this:

4. Click on the "Download!" button for whichever edition you'd like to download. You can download as many guides as you want with an active LitCharts A+ subsription. We encourage you to try both the regular study guide and the Teacher Edition!

5. You'll then see the download page for your book, where you can click to save the actual file. For example, here is the download page for the Hamlet Teacher Edition guide.

6. When you click on the "Download it!" button, what happens next differs depending on whether you're on a Mac or Windows PC.

  • If you're on Mac: A popup window should appear that asks you where to save the file
  • If you're on a PC: A message at the bottom of the screen appears asking whether you'd like to Open or Save the file. Choose Save and specify where you'd like to save the file.

Be sure to save the file in a location you can remember and get to easily, such as on your desktop.

7. Double click on the zip file to unzip the contents of the folder—most Teacher Editions have about 10 subfolders and dozens of files. They are organized by chapter and by worksheet type.

If you have trouble unzipping the file, or the file says it's corrupted, this is usually because of a connection error during download. Our Teacher Editions can be quite large because they contain both PDFs and editable Word files. Sometimes a connection error happens during the download and corrupts the file. You can try downloading again and this should resolve the problem. If you're still having trouble, contact us and we'll help.

If you have any more trouble please just let us know exactly what you're seeing (and what type of device or computer you're on) and we'll be glad to help.