What is your refund policy?

LitCharts A+ subscription fees are generally not refundable. Since we do not serve intrusive third-party advertising of any kind out of respect for our users, we depend on our subscription fees to fund our operations. We may choose to offer a refund, on a case-by-case basis, and at our sole discretion. 

LitCharts explicitly does not offer refunds in the following circumstances:

  • If a user discovers that LitCharts does not cover the material they need or expected to find on our service. Since much of our content is available to preview for free, users must make this judgement for themselves before subscribing. If you are unsure whether or not our subscriber-only content will meet your needs, please download a free sample prior to subscribing.
  • If a user has already viewed unlocked subscribers-only content or downloaded any of our downloadable content, including our PDF and zip files, after subscribing. As a subscriber, you have access to all of our premium subscribers-only content immediately. Because we provide an online service with digital content, we are unable to offer refunds in this case.
  • If a user forgets to cancel prior to renewal. Subscribers have complete control over initiating, cancelling, and reactivating subscriptions. This means that as a subscriber, you can easily:
  • If a user subscribes under any false or fraudulent pretenses. LitCharts user accounts are licensed to one user per account. Failure to comply with this, or any other clause in our Terms of Service, precludes the user from the possibility of a refund. 
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