Can I request that you create a new LitCharts guide on a specific book, poem, or other text?

Yes! We read and tally every request we get, and many of the titles we cover come directly from reader requests. 

In order to make your own requests, you have to create a free LitCharts account

Once you have a free account, click on any of our request links, such as the one on our homepage, fill out the form that appears, and submit your request. 

We're happy to take requests through our "Request a new guide" link. If you submit a request for it through our link, you'll automatically get an email when and if the guide is published. 

Here's where the link is to request a guide:


Every month, we send a newsletter sharing the full list of new guides we published the previous month. Be sure you've opted-in to receive communications from LitCharts so you get that monthly email!

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee when we'll get to a specific title, but we are constantly working on new guides. We will do our best to make as many user requested guides as possible, but we get too many requests to make every one of them. Thank you for your understanding.