How do I sign up for a LitCharts free account?

LitCharts free accounts are different from LitCharts A+ accounts. Free accounts do not include the premium benefits of LitCharts A+, such as the ability to download PDFs of our literature guides. If you aren't ready for a LitCharts A+ subscription, Free accounts can be a great way to still get great value from LitCharts!

Free accounts allow you to:

  • Make requests that we cover a specific book or title. 
  • Get notified when we publish new titles.
  • Save your own highlights and notes on our literature guides.

To sign up for a free account, navigate to the homepage and click the "Request it!" link:

When you click this link, a pop-up will appear asking you to create a free account. Fill out this form and click "Continue".

Once you submit the form and create an account, you must confirm your email in order to access your account.

You're all set! Remember that as a free member, you can always upgrade to LitCharts A+ to get all of our premium subscription benefits.