I never got a confirmation email after signing up

If you do not receive a confirmation email from us within a few minutes after signing up, it's usually for one of these reasons:

  1. Your school's email system blocks emails from outside domains (or specifically from some domains like ours)
  2. Your email service has flagged our emails as spam
  3. There was a typo in your email address when you signed up

We recommend changing your login email to a personal email address so you can be sure to always get receipts and confirmation emails from us. 

If you have signed up and do not receive a confirmation email from us and cannot find it in your spam folder, please contact us for help. 

Please be aware that we can't guarantee our reply email will reach you if your school is blocking emails from our domain, so we recommend writing in under a personal email address if you have subscribed with a school email and telling us the school email address you're writing about.